The facilities at First Step are designed to provide a safe, stimulating and fun learning environment for every child. First Step School is equipped with learning’s spaces that have:

➔ Age Appropriate Lead free toys and learning aids

➔ Play areas lit by natural light

➔ Learning for music and movement, storytelling, art and literary enrichment activities

➔ Secure Access Systems and real time CCTV access

➔ Trained staffs

➔ Biometric Attendance System

➔ Parent – Teacher Association


First Step is a child-friendly, safe, hygiene and well equipped preschool. In First Step, the Montessori Pre-Primary classroom consists of different areas, each containing shelves of works. The shelves are organized with the simplest works at the beginning and the most advanced works at the end. This organization helps set each child up for success.

Montessori materials are self-correcting, and this encourages children to feel a sense of accomplishment from the very beginning of their educational journey.

Each area of the classroom has specific concepts/goals for children to learn and achieve.